Chrome or Painted Parts
Have you noticed that some PJs have more chrome than yours? It could be that it came that way from the factory. There are several items listed in your parts book, which are available chrome as well as primer (you paint), enamel (black) or painted (standard colors).

The most often seen chrome parts are hood handles. It takes two each of 645216 and 245217 to make a set. These are not the same handles you have seen on the 1935 Dodge or Canadian built PJs.

I like the chrome taillight stands, part numbers 635201 and 635202. I have found many of these stands without plating and imagine that the replacement parts did not get plated during the war years. As they are the same shape and size, they will work perfectly, paint or chrome.

Were you aware that there were two different chrome rear license plate brackets? Chrome bracket 641356 held the plate by the top holes while 619830 held the plate by the lower holes. The early top mount style was more widely used although suffers from poor design and frequently cracks and leaves your plate on the highway.

The most rare chrome part is the export grill 645345. No examples or photos have surfaced to date so there is no explanation for its use. Aftermarket grills were chrome so be careful at the swap meet!


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