When contemplating the purchase of a basket-case PJ, with one or two side-mounted spare tires, buyers often find they are short some or all of the hardware needed to mount the spares. Also, when purchasing side-mount hardware from a description in a classified ad, buyers are usually flying blind as to what constitutes a complete package. This list of parts is taken from the 1935 Series parts list, D-3364, issued May 15, 1935. I hope it will assist you in your search.

634389 Support arm, chrome
634391 Grommet, support arm to fender hole, rubber
634390 Support arm bracket (rivets to fender well)
634444 Support arm to body brace, right
634445 Support arm to body brace, left
634400 Grommet, support arm to body brace, rubber
642624 Fender well support, right
642625 Fender well support, left
637926 Tire clamp with rubber cushion
600688 Tire clamp wing nut
634401 Tire lock arm
641649 Tire lock housing assembly
  Assorted nuts, bolts and washers as listed in D-3364

PJ Side-mount cover information:
1. 1936 sheet metal goes further into the well than the 1935
2. Metal width at bottom of the 1935 cover is 1-1/2" (6.00-16), 2-1/2"
3. Metal width at bottom of the 1936 cover is 2-5/8" (6.00-16)
4. 6.50-16 tires will not fit into these covers
5. 17" tire covers are stamped 5.25-17 at the 1/4" hole drilled in the lip at the top of the front half of the cover

Plymouth Owners Club members
Bob Semichy and Frank Johnston provided the information above for 1935 and 1936 Plymouth side-mount covers.


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