PJ Color Combinations

Ditzler Color Company provided most of the paint for the PJ in 1935, both synthetic enamel and lacquer. Service Bulletin No. 27 tells us that Business series 2-door sedans bearing body number 651-2000 through 651-3599 and other 2-door models with the letter S prefixing the body number were painted in synthetic enamel.
While there were not a lot of Plymouth colors to choose from, for $30 extra you could choose from any Chrysler Corporate color.

Unlike modern day two-tone pricing, the PJ business coupe you ordered in 1935 would be delivered with black fenders unless you paid an additional $10 to paint it all one color. If you are not sure just what the original body color was on your PJ was, remember it was a practice to write the body color on the inside of the roof panel of the bare bodies.

Body stripes were included on all PJ models. Only the wheel stripes differed. The 16 wheels carried a double strip on the rim while the 17 and 20 wheels got by with a single stripe on the spider. Color combinations are described in Service Bulletin No. 35.

PJ Color Interchange

Plymouth Club Members developed this color interchange information years 20 ago. Some members may have found more exact matches since that time but they have not been published.

Plymouth Blue Use 1931Ford Lombard Blue
Pilot Blue None recommended
Pilot Blue Poly None recommended
Gunmetal Light Use 1960 Dodge Charcoal
Vista Grey Use 1931 Ford Stone Brown
Burgundy Red Use 1931 Ford Maroon



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