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1935 Plymouth

The Plymouth Story

Fun – Action – Thrills --- Find them in a Plymouth!
That’s the message millions read when the first of the new PJ models appeared in national magazines in early 1935. Plymouth had risen to 3rd place in sales in just five years and was now capitalizing on being the biggest low-priced car with all four: hydraulic brakes, safety steel body, weight re-distribution and using 20% less gasoline and oil! This strategy seemed to work as Plymouth production rose, again, to over 350,000 units due to its’ all new design.

Changes for 1935
Plymouth made radical changes from the box design 1934 series. After only two years the six cylinder engine was redesigned in 1935 to include full-length water jackets covering the entire length of the cylinders Directional cooling was accomplished with the addition of a water distribution tube, inserted into the block directly behind the water pump. This is a very important restoration item as it helps assure proper cooling for the valve seats and rear cylinders. The exterior and interior dimensions are the same as 1934 except for about a quarter of an inch at the starter location to accommodate the water jacket. Except for this, the ’35 engine could have been an exact swap in the earlier cars as it is in all years up to 1959.

Plymouth engineers retained the X-type frame design of the previous years but improved it to withstand twist and torsional stress and increased the number of body mounting points to 46! The independent front suspension of the 1934 models quietly went away in favor of the tube axle and new taper leaf springs of “mola” steel. This new spring technology made it possible for the springs to be made thinner for a softer ride.


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