Parking brake lever extension
This handy extension made it easy to use the emergency brake. It was also a popular aftermarket item making an original hard to spot.
Fender horn
These beautiful through-the-fender horns were discontinued mid year in favor of the headlight mount horns which could be dealer-installed.
Glove box clock
The PJ parts book says that this electric glove box clock was available with a face to match the instruments or in this neutral face.
Heater, dual airstream
This top of the line dual airstream heater was one of four heaters available in the PJ in 1935. There are few survivors of this breed.
Add-on Trunk
This add-on, form fit trunk for the PJ “fastbacks” was offered to Chrysler- Plymouth dealers from the Kari-Keen Mfg. Co.,Souix City, Iowa.
Kool Kooshion
You can still find similar ventilated, woven-straw cushions at the store today but you’ll pay more than the $2.95 asked by the dealer in 1935.
Philco Radio
Philco built two radios for the deluxe PJ. The dial replaced the ashtray and cables connected it to the radio mounted elsewhere under the dash.
Fender skirt
If someone offers you wheel shields for your PJ take them. That’s how the factory described their popular fender skirts in the 1930’s.
Radiator winterfront
If you wanted the heater to give heat in severe cold weather you would order one of these factory radiator grill covers to keep out cold air.
Tire cover
The factory offered this fabric and cardboard tire cover to dealers to tie in with the “high speed safety car” announcement ads in January ’35.

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