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Not many PJ owners fully realize just how many accessories were available to them in 1935. The green/black accessories folder D-3164 listed 36 accessories plus a chemical/appearance line. The dealer accessory price list D-3181 offers 39 options besides the chemicals. If you are a careful reader then you will find still other options tucked away in Group 1 in your parts book.

Accessories/Options on the Rare Side
When you compare the price of the Philco radio, as a percentage of the car cost in 1935 you’ll understand why very few were installed. On the other hand, we’ll all agree that there were some great bargains, like welled front fenders.

While not on the accessories list, this option could be had for only $39.50…that’s two fenders, covers, locks and another spare tire and wheel!

And if you have a chance to pick up Lauggage rack, do so, but try to get the bumper brackets also, as they are different and have the necessary mounting holes. The rack was a $16.50 option!

Another rare accessory are the factory-installed through-the-fender dual trumpet horns found only on early models. While literature depicted the accessory horns as external (under headlamp mounting), in reality, PJs up to serials 2591129 and 1083808* were equipped with the through-the-fender style horns when the dual horn option was selected. (The * used here is the way the PJ Series parts list identifies the standard line). The horn motors were larger and, with the long tubes leading to the trumpets, the sound is excellent! You’ll see these horns on the sedan featured in the March 9, 1935 Collier’s magazine ad.

There were three ways to tell time in 1935. Plymouth offered a square dial, 30 hour, pull-wind mirror clock; a round dial, 8-day windup mirror clock and the round face electric glove box clock. All are very difficult to find. Prices ranged from $3.95 to $11.75.

How about these prices!
Automatic Choke $ 3.50
Battery Charger $ 8.25
Battery Charger Receptacle $ .50
Cigar Lighter, under dash $ 1.95
Cigar Lighter, through dash $ 1.00
Glove Box Clock $11.75
30-hour, pull-wind clock $ 3.95
Foot Rests (four-door sedans) $ 3.50
Gas Cap, deluxe $ 2.25
Gas Cap, standard $ 1.50
Hand Brake Lever Extension $ 1.50
Heater, dual airstream $19.95
Heater, deluxe $15.95
Heater, standard $12.95
Hood Ornament $ 3.50
Dual External Horns $12.00
Kool Kooshion $ 2.95
License Plate Frames, pair $ 2.45
Philco Radio, deluxe $44.95
Philco Radio, standard $39.95
Wool Robe $ 5.95
Fender Skirts $ 9.00
Radiator Winterfront $ 1.25
Spotlight $15.95
Sun Visor, right $ 1.75
Spring Covers, set $ 6.00
Tail Light, right $ 3.30
Tire Cover, metal $ 6.50
Tire Cover, fabric $ 2.00
Tire Gauge $ 1.50
Trunk Rack $16.50
Vanity Mirror $ 1.00
Wheel Trim Rings $ 1.35
Windshield wiper, right $ 4.95

Accessory Group “AD” deluxe cars
Includes dual horns, cigar lighter,  
Right side taillight, visor & wiper. $18.50

Accessory Group “AS” standard
Cars. Includes same as above plus  
chrome headlights and dual sun visors. $23.00

Dual side-mounted spares, including extra
wheel and tire,tube, cap, cover and lock. $39.50
(Standard cars less metal cover) $31.00
Please advise me if there are any accessories that you would like to
know more about and I will attempt to create a special page.
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